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About Us

Exlink Lodge Entertainment is a blog/website centered mainly for educating the citizens of Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya as well as the world at large. Most news on this blog is authentic and authored by the most prestigious hands while most are rumors. Nonetheless, indications are made to distinguish a rumor from authentic news feeds. 

Exlink Lodge is an entertainment & political blog. Engr. O.C. Anthony is the "engine" behind it. This blog is not an ordinary news site were people or group of staff reports incidents without a soul. We are a voice that is why our blog is a LODGE where you can freely give your opinion on an issue without being molested. So invariably, our idea can also be translated into a forum. 

Basically,  we report mainly Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya news, ranging from politics, entertainment, current affairs, sports, Nollywood/movie, celebrity, films & music updates, and most importantly, naija gossip generally.

Owners Statement

It is imperative to criticize almost everything around you because is only when curiosity gets a hold of one, that is the only time you really learn something that cannot depart from oneself. Remember with us, you have the edge.

My people, I no fit talk about this blog finish and i no go use our ogbonge pidgin language. Him no go complete be that. Therefore my country people, make una  no say even though say na Gen. Buhari dey rule us, that one no mean say we go fold our hands about the matter way dey happen for we country. 

Anyway, na here i go drop my pencil sake on say make i no dey speak too much grammar because my Bic self never dey reason to finish. I wish una very lovely day and make una no forget once once to login dey check watin dey happen for we country. Na we country oooo, together we stand, divided we fall.

Bye Bye, Go well, Segobe, je e nke oma, odabo

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