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"Your Husband Can't Rape You"- Nigerians Outraged Over Anita Joseph's Dismissal Of Marital Rape - Video

Anita Joseph-Olagunju

Can your husband really rape you as a wife? Maybe in America is called rape but Africa? Not so much. Anyway, curvy actress, Anita Joseph-Olagunju and her younger husband, MC Fish have sparked controversy after they released a video on Instagram which went viral as they dismissed the idea of marital rape.

Anita said a friend of hers told her that she was raped by her husband and she wants to report him to the police or other agencies that handle such matters. She wanted to seek Anita's opinion and advice on what to do.

Anita Joseph's response to her suggests that there is nothing like 'marital rape' or rape in marriage.

This has sparked outrage online as many are dragging the couple on social media while others are supporting the actress while others, not so much.

What do you think about marital rape? Is it possible?

Watch the video below

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