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Checkout This Made In Japan Bra-Shaped Face-Masks As It Sells Out Minutes Of Launch

Fashion they say is pain but must we take advantage of everything? Entrepreneurs make una fear God oo. Just recently, bra-cup face mask memes surfaced online and went viral but a Japanese company decided to make them a reality and they sold out almost instantly.

According to SoraNews24, though the lace bra face mask started out as a joke the company underestimated Japanese consumers appetite for ingenuity and sexy underwear. The prototype Atsumi Fashion originally showcased got a lot of attention online.

The lace bra face masks went on sale last Saturday at 1,490 yen (US$14) and sold out minutes after it became available. The company underestimated demand, offering only 50 units for each color available (white, pink, lime, aqua blue, black), but a new batch of lace bra masks is already in the works.

Watin person no go see for this coronavirus era

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