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Coronavirus - COVID-19: Netflix 2018 Movie "My Secret Terrius" Predicted The Outbreak

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and with China doing little or nothing to warn the whole world when they recorded the COVID-19 outbreak, people and governments have focused their attention to China for few days now and many things has started unraveling.

A human right activist have already sued China for 10 Trillion Dollars and the latest is that a Netflix movie series "My Secret Terrius" which is a 2018 movie by China and Korea, predicted the outbreak of coronavirus. I repeat, they didn't code name the disease or something, they called it coronavirus and the movie is right there till now on Netflix.

Is this a coincidence? Netflix viewers have been left stunned and freaking out by Korean/Chinese series "My Secret Terrius", which appeared to predict the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018. People have been drawn to the final episode of the first series, The episode shows a coronavirus being mutated to be used as a weapon, with a doctor desperate to find a cure.

Accepts of the movie:

‘Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90%,’ she’s shown saying, after comparing coronavirus to MERS & SARS. ‘What’s more serious,’ she adds, ‘is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. ‘The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed.’ 

A viewer wrote:

In the drama My Secret Terrius that was released in 2018 (UNIQ’s sungjoo was among the cast) they talked in details about the coronavirus…. I had goosebumps…  (@eoeoes) March 18, 2020 She goes on to say that there’s no cure available, with a later scene showing a class of children being taught how to wash their hands properly to avoid the spread of the virus. The word ‘coronavirus’ has historically referred to a number of viruses, including the common cold before it was associated with Covid-19.
However, fans are nevertheless unnerved by the series. ‘In the drama My Secret Terrius that was released in 2018 (UNIQ’s sungjoo was among the cast) they talked in details about the coronavirus…. I had goosebumps…,’ one viewer wrote. 

Another added: ‘Just gonna leave this here but i am massively spooked. This series My Secret Terrius is on netflix but came out 2 years ago and talks about the coronavirus we’re going through rn…’ ‘That scene in My Secret Terrius on Netflix about Coronavirus is scary…’ one more said. 

However, others aren’t too bothered by the connection, with one fan writing: ‘Everyone freaking out about #mysecretterrius knowing about the Corona virus … but you guys realise we didn’t discovered just now… that some Corona Viruses types cause SARS, MERS, and even some common cold strains. Chill…’

Question is - even those coronavirus wasn't discovered now, didn't someone somewhere tweaked the virus to make it this devastating like the doctor in that movie said? 

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