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#LagosCityMarathon - Checkout These Amazing But Funny Tweets About Lagos City Marathon

One thing I love about Nigeria and Nigerians is their ability to make fun of every damn thing.. Lol. Be it serious matter o, or trivial matters, they always find a way to make it fun. Even Lagos State Governor, Sanwo-Olu joined in on the fun. 

#LagosCityMarathon has come and has ended, though the ripples is still bubbling but Nigerians are blowing up Twitter with their funny tweets. And I can't stop laughing, hence I brought it here. In fact someone said and I quote:

"Sanwo-Olu ntoor, sabi the reason why you ban Okada and Keke has been defeated. You wanted everybody trek so that we go prepare for the marathon and now Kenya person 'David Barmasai Tumo' have come and collected the 50 grand.  What's your gain now?  Ntoor."

In fact, check out the amazing tweets for yourself. 

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