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If She Collects Transport Money & Didin't Show Up, She Can Be Jailed For 5 Years - Dolapo Badmus

Dolapo Badmus

Ladies won't like this ..lol. According to Nigeria Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus, ladies can actually be jailed for at least 5 years if they collect money from men for their transport fare for visiting and later didn't show up.

This has been the num for ladies, especially Nigeria ladies. They like to ask their men or boyfriend to pay money for their T-fare and finally, they won't show up to the guys house. They think they are smart. 

According to what Dolapo Badmus shared on Instagram: 

"Dear men, if a lady tells you to send her money for transport to come over and you send her the cash ans she decides not to visit you, and does not refund the money.. You can refer to act 29 SECTION 132 of the criminal code and file a case of defrauding by false pretense against her.

She can be jailed for up to 5 years. Know your right my brother"

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