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Nollywood Actor, Ifeanyi Ezeokeke AKA "Ugoo Shave Me" Down With A Strange Sickness

 Ifeanyi Ezeokeke

Is it that Nigeria and its citizens abhors success? Not only that her government hunts down and humiliate any of its young and enterprising citizens because they have made some money, the citizens itself "village people" or colleagues wouldn't want to "use eye" to see any of their own succeeding.

This is appalling. Nollywood promising actor back then, Ifeanyi Ezeokeke popularly known as "Ugo Shave Me" in the movie Conspiracy 1 & 2, and he also stared in the movie Egg of Life, has been down with an unknown illness.

According to Nollywood veterans Ipechukwu Diewait and Ejike Okoye who visited him, they said the illness is strange when asked the nature of his illness.

We have seen people staying 15 years or more abroad and immediately they step into this country to visit their parents, they will be stroke with one kind of illness or sometimes be killed by friends or relations. 

Even the one that happened recently where somebody came back from abroad and on taking him to a place his friend/relation built a house for him with all the money he has been sending, he was  brutally murdered in cold blood.

What is really wrong with us in this damn country?

Ugoo Shave Me

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