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Nigeria Police Officer Seen With POS On Highway, Asking A Passenger To Bring His ATM Card - Video

The stupidity, recklessness and gross misconduct of the Nigeria Police officers on the road has become derogatory in recent years. Of all their madness and insensitivity, this one takes the trophy.

It is in no doubt the Nigeria Police is the worst set of people in Nigeria and even in the whole world but forcing passengers on a highway to pay for bribes via a POS is appalling and the worst embarrassment that can be attributed to them as people charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the nation. 

This is a national embarrassment. 

The video below shows a police officer with a POS on the highway, asking a passenger or possibly a car owner to bring his ATM card to withdraw money for a bribe they charged him. 

This is indeed the NEXT LEVEL of corruption in 2020 which is gradually or should I say overtly ravaging Nigeria. Is indeed absurd. 

I will however tag the Nigeria Police Force on Twitter @PoliceNG and hopefully they will do something for once in their life. 

Video below..

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