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How To Read DELETED WhatsApp Massages - How To Read DELETED Messages On WhatsApp

How To Read DELETED WhatsApp Massages

Hey guys, today, I'm going to show you how to read DELETED Whatsapp messages. If you are excited and ready to go, follow me in this 2 minutes tutorials.

Are you wondering what SHE sent you on Whatsapp and hastily deleted it, or are you wondering what HE sent you on Whatsapp and chickened out and quickly deleted it? If you are that curious, then today, your curiosity is over because am gonna teach you how to read DELETED messages on WhatsApp.

For you to be able to ready deleted WhatsApp messages, all you need is a little App called "Notisave". Below is how to install and setup the App so you can read deleted WhatsApp messages.

Step 1. Head over to PlayStore and in the search-bar, type in "notisave".
Step 2. It should be first item, so hit Install - (icon logo above)
Step 3. After installing, open up the App and click Allow to allow notisave access to your notifications.
Step 4. Also allow it access to your files and media. Its just basically standard.
Step 5. In "Block Notification" settings, toggle All Apps "On" and the "Off" so that notisave will not block notifications from other applications.
Step 6. And then, the setup of notisave is complete.

Now lets say your crush sent you a message that she digs you and wants to go out with you and that he loves you ....blah blah blah and later chickens out and deleted the message.

All you have to do to read that DELETED WhatsApp message is to head over to the newly installed App "notisave", click on the WhatsApp section and viola, you will see exactly what your crush sent you before he chickened out and deleted it.

Is as simply as that.

If you don't understand the tutorial very well, don't worry, just watch the YouTube video I put together on How to Read DELETED WhatsApp Messages below..


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