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Black Friday Things - 1000s Of Nigerians Storm Shoprite To Shop For Less

Host of Nigerians have stormed Shoprite to participate in the retail company’s edition of Black Friday. Singer Beecee Ugboh who got to a Shoprite outlet very early in the morning shared a video showing what went down.

According to her, despite getting to the supermarket very early, she still met a crowd waiting outside for the store to be opened. When the store finally got opened, it was chaos as Nigerians scrambled on each other in efforts to prevent others from picking items they desire to buy.

Beecee Ugboh stated in the video she shared on Instagram:

”I want you to take a look at what Nigerians are doing in Shoprite. They are making sure that other people do not have enough products to buy. And I’m sorry for Shoprite because their things will be vandalized. A lot of things will be destroyed today. I don’t think I can even shop here today”, she said.

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