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The Sorry State Of Erosion Ridden Ayetoro-Itele Road Close To Ayobo-Iyana Ipaja Lagos - Video

The challenges people are facing everyday in Nigeria  is unbearable and knowing fully well that we have such a thing called president and even governors directing the affairs of the nation and states respectively, makes these challenges worst in the hearts of ordinary citizens which is what we like to call the masses in Nigeria.

The video below shows the decapitated road in Ogun State in a place called Ayetoro-Itele just a stone throw to Ayobo - Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos State. Going to this area,  immediately you cross Ipaja - Ayobo and cross the boundary between Ogun and Lagos, this is the kind of situation one encounters.

Yes I know most places in Lagos State are usually flooded during torrential rain fall, (most prominent places like Lekki, Ikate, VGC, Ajah etc) but this right here my friends is just 30mins of rain fall. Even without a drop of rain,  plying this route will ensure you have a severe headache by the time you alight from the cab because of the state of the road. 

As at the time I filmed this today,  30th October 2019, every vehicle plying this route have to park somewhere to wait for the heavily flooded death traps to subside a bit. Even bike are also affected. Those on foot had to take the risk of jumping hooks and trenches in order to get to a safe stands. 

I'm using this opportunity to reach out to Ogun State government and Mr. Dapo Abiodun himself, in order to as a matter of urgency do something about this road before it gets out of hand. The erosion have already taking mass landmass on this place. Landslide is happening here every now and then and suffice it to say, this area is very near to the bridge dividing Lagos and Ogun State. 

This is not a drill guys, tag whoever you need to tag so that people residing in this area will be saved from impending doom. 

Video footage below. 

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