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Nigeria @59 - Google Commemorate With Nigeria As They Celebrate Her Independence Day

Tech giant, Google Inc has shown great respect to Nigeria and Nigerians by commemorating with them by including a lovely doddle and Nigeria flag on their home page as Nigeria celebrate her Independence Day today being the October 1st.

Today,  Nigeria is now 59 years old. Though many Nigerians will gladly skip the celebration today,  owning to the fact "99% of Nigerians" are still wondering: "what are we really celebrating"?

In spite of the odds, I always stand at attention when the Nigeria's National Anthem is sang, I always have a gigantic believe that this is my country and my motherland, and I'm proud of being a Nigerian. Though I may not be proud of how is been run, but get this, Nigeria is my country. 

Happy Independence Day Fellas.... 

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