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FG Gets Tougher - Broadcasting Stations To Pay N5m If Caught Broadcasting Hate Or Inciting Speech

The Federal Government, through The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the review of the National Broadcasting Code and extant broadcasting laws to reflect an upward review of fines from N500,000 to N5,000,000 for breaches relating to hate speeches, inciting comments, indecency among others.

According to Daily Post, the Mr.  Mohammad disclosed this in Abuja yesterday while inaugurating a seven-member committee on the Implementation of Reforms in the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). He also said the recommendation on the independence of the NBC from political interference in the exercise of its regulatory powers has been approved. (In my words,  pure madness).

He said the committee was to immediately establish and publicize new sanctioning, fines and penalty regime in line with international best practice, promote professionalism and serve as a deterrent to erring practitioners against misconduct, especially hate speech, violence and spread of fake news.

The committee is chaired by Director, Broadcast Monitoring of the NBC, Prof. Armstrong Idachaba.

Editor's Note:

Who are we kidding? Hate speech or inciting speech fines and prosecution is simply a way of gagging the broadcasting stations from speaking the truth. Though they have already done that with body language but now, they seek to make it a law. Talk about banana republic. This is what Nigeria has turned into. 

Citizens cannot speak their minds anymore thus the saying "freedom of speech is guaranteed but freedom after speech is not". Those who where bold enough to speak are in prison today. APC and Buhari will definitely send Nigeria back to stone age before their tenure elapses.

No wonder Prof. Wole Soyinka said and I quote: "I'm appalled to exist in the same geographical area with the 'kinds' in Nigeria politics".

Just tell me one thing, who will determine what is hate speech and inciting speech if not the grandmasters or better still, cabals themselves. As far as they are concerned, anybody who tend to challenge them (government) or speak the truth, it will be termed hate speech. 

What do you think about this development? Leave a comment below.. 

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