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Can The Lie People Tell In Business To Sell Products/Services Lead Them To Hell Fire?

At first glance, one may think this is a feeble question. But fact is, its a question that begs for answers when you consider the fact that 95% of market women (this is me being generous in the %age) lie almost all the time just to sell their goods and services.

Whether you are in production or service business, or you are just a shop owner selling one thing or the other, chances are you gonna have to lie not once or twice in a day in order to sell your products or services. Those in Business knows exactly what am talking about. 

I want today's bread o, Yes is today's bread customer,  while she must have bought it yesterday.

Is this earpiece original? Yes sir, is original while the earpiece will just spoil after 3days. Which means is fake. 

Madam help me cut Ugu N100 three portions am coming let me but something before you finish. Before you come back, she will cut Ugu N100 two portions instead of three. If you know you know.. Lol. 

Can you do installations or electrical work for me? I need someone to take the contract. You can't do it and yet you said yes you can. Then off you go to find someone that can do it so you can pay him peanuts. Fact is, you lied to get the contract. If we are being truthful, you would have told the person: Sir, I can't do it but I will get the person who can,  so you can give me the contract. Isn't it weird? You know you have lost the contract unless you lie that you can while you can't. 

Where do we draw the line of righteousness? Someone said and I quote: consider if we take righteousness to the extreme, we can't tell our kids that Santa Claus (Father Christmas) is real cuz he is not and yet we still tell the lies everytime nonetheless. 

According to the Bible, if you lie, hell fire awaits you. NB,  the Bible didn't make any distinction of the kind of lie that will take one to hell fire. This simply means lying to your kid that Santa Claus exist or telling somebody that "this is today's bread while is yesterday's" will land you in hell fire (or is it?) just like a Yahoo boy that tells his victims a lie in order to scam them off their money. 

Righteousness is a topic that can't really be explained in a logical term and believe me pastors have tried. It just rests on faith. So the question is, does our righteousness exempt the lie we lie in Business? Because if it doesn't, no single person in Business will be righteous. Thus the question: Can the lies we tell while trying to sell products or services to people lead us to hell? 

What do you think? What is your explanation? Please don't tell me about conscience here because Mr. A can tell his kids Santa Claus exist without bathing so much as an eye and Mr. B can also kill somebody with his bare hands without feeling any single remorse. So conscience is out of the question. 

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