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Big Brother Naija 2019 Grand Final - Mercy Wins The BBNaija (Pepper Dem) Ultimate Prize - Video

Wooow, I can't believe is now down and dusted. Well even though the Big Brother Nigeria 2019 ended today, you sure will expect the ripples and the "after effect", so to say, to continue hitting the air waves for the next 4 months. 

Our own Food was evicted and the one and only Mike came second and folks, after battling it out for a grueling 99days, Mercy, I mean the Tacha nemesis has emerged as the winner of the BBNaija show.  She also made history today as she became the first female winner of the reality TV show Big Brother Naija.

Below is how Nigerians voted for there respective favorites... 

A very big congratulations or like WaZoBia use to say "congratulopia" to Mercy and I wish him... O sorry, I mean I wish her well in all her endeavours moving forward... Sorry I'm used to male winning the BBNaija show. I guess what a man can do,  a.........., you know the rest. 

My problem now is bloggers. Cuz come tomorrow now the headlines you will see will be off the hook. You will see something like... 

10 things you need to know about mercy

5 critical points that worked for mercy

Meet mercy siblings and parents 

Bbnaija winner share new pictures

Checkout throwback photos of Mercy

Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy..

I really wish Lia Muhammed implemented that social media art that time.. mmm, wait a minute,  that wouldn't serve me well,  would it?  Alright,  as expected, Nigerians are blowing up Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, expressing their pleasure, displeasure and whatnot and suffice it to say,  some of the comments are on point. 

Anyway,  checkout the BBNaija 2019 - Pepper Dem Finale Video as Mercy clinch the ultimate title... I mean prize. What is wrong with me? **

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