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Instablog9ja Is Trying To Blackmail Me Said Tunde Ednut After Lady Accused Him Of Impregnating & Abandoning Her

This e-blackmail is becoming unbearable this days. Now I understand why the FG wanted to implement a "check" to this entry level news peddlers called "bloggers" and people crucified them for even conceiving the idea. Though it was for their selfish reasons when they tried to implement it but their is no argument that it was a good move. 

Now this is one of the outcome of allowing every Dick and Harry to just write anything and post for the world to read.  A lady have accused blogger and Instagram influencer, Tunde Ednut of impregnating her and abandoning her. According to the lady, she said they met in a party. Something led to one thing and they had sex... Hmmm, I may still be naive but I wasn't born yesterday. 

However, Tunde Ednut have reacted to the accusation and according to him, he said Instablog9ja is using this crookedup story to blackmail him after he insulted them and their post few days ago. Reacting, the blogger claimed that it must have been a set up from Instagram blog who broke the news, Instablog9ja in an attempt to blackmail him after he insulted them some days ago.

Since the advent of this story or blackmail, we don't know for sure, both Tunde Ednut fans and Instablog9ja fans has been going all out on each other on Instagram as well as Nairaland. It's quiet pathetic and appaling to see that a huge number of Nigerians are really jobless. Sorry to take that stand. Is indeed nice to see where the focus of Nigeria youths are - trivial issues.

Below is what the lady in question posted via Instablog9ja ask well as Tunde Ednut reply. 

See his post below

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