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#RevolutionNow, #FreeSowore: The Illegal Arrest Of Omoyele Sowore Is Threatening To Tear Nigeria Apart - All You Need To Know

The Easterners where warning Nigerians and they thought is a joke,  now see the true color of our leader as it manifests in its fullest. The illegal arrest of SaharaReporter CEO,  Sowore is generating  a lot of heat in Nigeria and it's threatening to destroy the polity as we know it. 

Omoyele Sowore was arrested by the Department of State Security Service, believed by the order of Mr.  President himself so that the planned #RevolutionNow protest, slated on Monday 5th August will not come to materialization. 

Nigerians on social media have overwhelmingly attacked President Muhammadu Buhari over the report alleging that Sowore, a human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner, was invaded by the Department of State Services operatives and was arrested in his apartment earlier today.

Many well-meaning Nigerians are also calling for the release of the pro-democracy campaigner using #FreeSowore which is already trending like wildfire on Twitter.

One of the associate of the former presidential candidate has confirmed the publisher was arrested at his apartment and his phone collected, so is not a question of rumors anymore.

Both Oby Ezewkesili, Nnamdi Kalu, Shehu Sani, FFK, Atiku Abubakar and others have all reacted over the inhumane treatment the government of the day is dishing out to its citizens that they swore to protect. 

Oby Ezekwesili wrotw:

“All well-meaning Nigerians should stand with YeleSowore and defend his constitutional right and freedom to protest any matter of Governance that worries him,” Mrs Ezekwesili said on Twitter.

“Mr Sowore’s convening of Citizens to protest Poor Governance – via #RevolutionNow- is Constitutionally guaranteed.”

The former education minister added: “If our NGRPresident MBuhari & FG AsoRock are not completely out of touch with the reality of distress of majority of Citizens of this country, they would handle YeleSowore‘s right to convene #RevolutionNow wisely. 

FFK wrote:

The arrest of @YeleSowore is uncharitable, unkind, unecessary, uncalled for, unsustainable, indefensible and regrettable. I condemn this fascistic and Gestapo-like action by the DSS against him and I call for his immediate and unconditional release. #FreeSoworeNow #RevolutionNow

Shehu Sani wrote:

Our democracy is a block of ice floating on warm waters.The sponsored protest and attacks on the @AmnestyNigeria stands condemned.The arrest & detention of @YeleSowore is needless.I join the call for his release #FreeSowore.

Nnamdi Kalu wrote:

“Fulani tyranny & primitive dictatorship will never win this war against the massed ranks of oppressed people in Nigeria. Suppressing the right to protest in a so-called democracy will only hasten the collapse of that ZOO.

#FreeSowore & allow the #RevolutionNow right to protest.” Mr Kanu said on Twitter.

Atiku Abubakar Wrote:

 “Freedom of speech is not only constitutionally guaranteed, it is the substructure of our democracy. These kidnappings in the guise of arrests stands condemned.”

More update to follow.. 

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