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Nigeria Media Is Not The Only Media That Lies, Almost All Media All Over The World Lie

Does the media lie? This is not even a question begging for answers if you are a Nigerian or at least if you live in Africa. And to be candid, 97% of Nigerians believe the media lies like nothing else but we still have 3% that believes the media tell the truth. And suffice it to say,  my own dad is amongst the 3%. That man believe so much in NTA Network News eh. 

One thing we all have in common "both those that believe and those that don't" is we still get to be the same part of the country and are entitled to our opinions. 

All media around the world lie. This is a statement of fact. Though most Nigerians will like to believe that the Western Media don't lie but that is not true. Sorry to burst your bubble,  they lie a lot too. So before you give too much credence to what the news papers,  TV news, Radio news said and what the mags said, take a minute to reason. 

The news and information made available to citizens of a country has always been controlled and doctored by the government from time immemorial. 

The pictures below has been trending and it proves a lot. I remember watching 'Die Hard', a movie staring Bruce Willis. When the little computer hacker was asking him if he was still listening to that crap called "News". When he said yes,  the guy was so surprised that he still believes and listen to media that lies like nothing else. 

I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to news or something but take the information with a pinch of salt. It is also important to note that these news outfits - CNN,  BBC,  Punch, Times, Premium Time etc are in business for profit and will do everything to serve the purpose of the shareholders.

There goes a saying: "pictures paints a thousand words" and the media knows this and surprisingly, you won't imagine how easy it is to manipulate this so called pictures to serve a purpose,  especially with the advent of programs like Photoshop. Even President Buhar's media aids has been caught manipulating images. You can quote me on that. 

Checkout the picture below and tell me what you think....

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