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Northern Group Issues FG, Governors 30-day Ultimatum To Reverse Ruga Settlement Suspension

A coalition of northern groups has issued a 30-day ultimatum to the Federal government of Nigeria, as well as governors who are opposed to the RUGA settlement program to reverse their decisions.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the group’s spokesman in a press conference, said the debate to accept or not to accept the program is already causing disaffection for herders who are of Fulani extraction.

According to him:

“While we warn all state governments that stand against the implementation of the Ruga Initiative to desist and give peace a chance, we place President Buhari and the Federal Government on notice that they must completely stop this raging madness within 30-days beginning from today, Wednesday,” Suleiman said.

The group, however, did not state what its next line of action would be should the government fail to comply with the ultimatum. 

The group also threatened the federal government,  as well as Nigerians in the press release,  saying:

As long as Fulani herdsmen will not be allowed to live freely and enjoy their stay in the other regions of Nigeria, nobody should expect them to allow the Southerners enjoy their stay in the Northern part of Nigeria. 

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