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Man Beats Up Her Fiancee For Turning Down His Marriage Proposal In Public - Video

See me see trouble o. While some guys can take the rejection, some can't o.  That why for me,  I have decided that if I want to propose to my fiance, it will be on April 1st and not in public though.  So if she accepts,  fine,  to God be the glory,  but if she doesn't, I will tell her is April Fool anyway. 

Anyways,  this is a video of a man beating up his fiancee just because she refused his marriage proposal in public.  And the video is going viral already. Abi love Na by force? 

As you may know,  not every man can accept rejection so the guy in anger can't bear the shame and decided to beats up his fiancee as she turned down his marriage proposal in a public place.

But girls are crazy walai, how come she accepted to be his fiancee and yet be fooling him knowing she don't wanna marry him hu? 

See video below.. 

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