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Is Rwanda Genocide Trying To Be Replicated In Nigeria By Fulanis? 6 Steps To Genocide - FFK

Senior Advocate of Nigeria and former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has been singing this 'Fulanisation Of Nigeria' and nobody seems to listen. I personally is seeing salient reasoning in all his fears and I thank God that even some notable Nigerians are now giving credence to his ruse. 

According to him,  this is exactly how Rwanda genocide started and since Buhari's loyalist and those following him blindly are not good students of history,  all of us cannot sit and watch what claimed more than 1 millions citizens in Rwanda replicate itself in Nigeria.

FFK have carefully outlined the 6 major steps that brought Rwanda nation to its knees and how they got to the genocide that claimed more than 1 million people. And it will interest you to know that out of the 6 steps, we have now gotten to the 5th stage in Nigeria. We need to stop this impending doom before it starts. 

This is no longer APC or PDP thing anymore and I wish this stupid youths and every Nigerian should wake up and see how their future may turn out to be.  Below is the 6 steps as outlined by Mr.  Femi Fani-Kayode. THE ROAD TO RWANDA: 6 steps to GENOCIDE:

1. The Hutu militia iinterahamwe in Rwanda started just like the herdsmen AKA bandits in Nigeria before the genocide.

2. The Govt. of, Rwanda headed by a Hutu, tactically encouraged them same as the bandits are encouraged in Nigeria...

3. They have a radio station for easy coordination just like new Fulani radio for coordination. 

4. The Hutu militias 'Interahamwe' were supported by the Burundi Hutus just like Nigeria bandits are backed by Niger, Chadian etc. Fulanis.

5.Suddenly before the genocide,guns were mopped up from the innocent civilians by the then Rwanda govt. headed by Hutus.Just like it will happen in Nigeria soon.

6.Then the signal is the sudden assassination of the Hutu Pres.,the genocide that claimed over 1 million lives began.

Out of the 6 steps to genocide we have completed 5. 

Pray against this bloodshed but be prepared. Pray for peace. Pray for your family. Pray for your towns and villages. Pray for your ethnic group. Pray for your nation. Pray for West Africa. Say NO to war and genocide!

I think Obasanjo is 100% correct, and the agenda is Real and it is coming very fast: Just last week ₦100 billion was approved for Fulani herdsmen; this week Federal Government approved Fulani Herdsmen Radio. This same week Buhari gave order to annul gun license; meaning people will not have what to defend themselves. 

What else do you want to hear this generation that lacks foresight? God.. 

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