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Guys Blast Lady In A Viral Tweet Who Claim Men Have G-Spot & Can Squirt Like Women

A lady or should I say girl who goes by the name @pattyamaka_ on Twitter have received a lot of clap backs after she claimed in a tweet which has already gone viral,  that men also have G-Spot and can also squirt like women does. 

She even gave advise on how to locate it and please or pleasure your man into real orgasm and squirting. I think this generation have lost it. Of all the issues facing Nigeria today,  this is what this girl can come up with? I give up oooooo. 

'Umunne Delilah' everywhere you look She tweeted as below... 

Did you know men have G-Spot too? 

Yes! The area is known as the prostate and it is located right under his bladder. It can be reached by placing a finger inside his anus and moving it in a circular motion🌚

Ladies, try it for your man, they deserve orgasm too🚶‍♀️

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