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2nd Niger Bridge Under Construction - Prof. Osinbajo, Gov. Obiano Inspects Project

The 2nd Niger Bridge has been a subject for huge debate in Nigeria especially for those of us from the Eastern part of the country and those loyal to PDP party.  They claim that president Buhari cannot in good conscience build the 2nd Niger Bridge knowing fully well how he feel about the Igbos whom he termed the "5%" when he came into power in 2015. 

However,  that thought seems to be diminishing as the construction of 2nd Niger Bridge is in a stage were the project is glaring to the world to see. Any person(s) still having a second thought on this project will indeed be an enemy of state. 

The Federal Government on the other hand says it has set aside funds under the Presidential Funding Initiative to ensure the timely completion of the Second Niger Bridge. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo revealed this today when he inspected construction work on the project site in the company of Governor Willie Obiano.

Professor Osinbajo said the Federal Government is committed to completing the Bridge and its adjoining roads because of the prospect it holds for economic growth not only for the Southeast but also the entire country. The bridge he noted, is one of the five projects the present administration at the centre has set out funds to ensure their completion.

The governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano on his part observed that Southeast has a lot to gain if the bridge is completed, acknowledging that the present Federal Administration has shown that it wants the project completed on schedule.

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