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New Police Reform Bill Passed Only Seek To Make Citizens Numb & Police More Potent In Their Assaults

I recently red the police reform bill that was passed just few days ago and I am but ashamed of myself and for Nigeria and it's senators.  To say that am speechless is an understatement and the only prayer am going to pray right now is "let the police brutality, extra judicial killings and assault on Nigerian citizens everyday affect Buhari's family or any of his friend's family" because in this,  we will now have a true reform in police just like it happened with FRSC and issuance of drivers license since Nigerian citizens,  especially the youths are too numb to stand up for themselves. 

Below is the highlight of the reform Bill passed by the lawmakers... 

Clause 4 (c) says the president shall appoint the inspector-general of police from the recommended applicants subject to the confirmation of senate.

Clause 6 (a) says the president shall remove the inspector-general from office for his inability to effectively perform the functions of his office. (b) for gross misconduct. (c) where the president is satisfied that is in no longer in the interest of the police force or public for inspector-general to continue in office.

Clause 23 provides for the establishment of a police fund.

Clause 96 provides that anyone who assaults a police officer, obstructs or resists a police officer is liable to a fine of N100,000 or six months imprisonment.

Clause 98 prohibits the taking of liquor or intoxicating substance while on duty. Punishment prescribed for such offence is a fine of N20,000 or three months imprisonment.

Clause 99 prohibits the impersonation of police officers. Punishment prescribed for such offence under this clause is a fine of N300,000 or three years imprisonment or both.

Clause 100 prohibits the entry of the police force with forged certificate. Punishment prescribed for the offence is a fine of N500,000 or three months imprisonment.

Clause 103 provides for the establishment of community police forum.....................

After reading this nonsense reform highlight (the main objective of the police reform bill passed)  I now understand that Nigeria and all the senators combined is a shithole. Can u imagine this people? Tell me,  were does it say anything about protecting citizens? Nothing at all. I thought the idea of this reform Bill is to keep the police and their attack dogs (SARS) in check,  rather what this Bill will achieve is simply making them more potent in their attack and assault on citizens. 

How about the below as police reform bill... 

(1) any police who assaults or tuture a civilian should pay 500 k or face 1year imprisonment 

2) any police who kills an unarmed civilian for any reason his pension should go to the victims family before he faces firing sqard and the video played to his colleagues.

3) any police who arrest or searches a civilians phone without a warrant 300k fine or 6month imprisonment.

4) any police who takes bribes or demand bribe would be demoted and will never get promoted till retirement 

5) we would run drug test on all Nigerian police soon and anyone of them who has consumed or used any hard drugs should retire peacefully or would be dismissed without a penny.

6) the citizens have the right to video any police man on duty when ever they misbehave in public.

Wouldn't it be a dream come true in Nigeria. Why can't we stop fooling ourselves in this country for Christ sake? Is it that Nigeria or it's senators have lost touch of the realities of life or that of Nigeria?  Every stupid line on this reform bill is to protect the police and nothing to protect the citizens.  What is all this nonsense bikonu? 

In a country were police can arrest anybody without so much as a warrant,  search your house,  store,  bag and even your laptop and phone without a warrant or even tell you the reason,  all this "waste of money senators" can come up with or even ascend to is this kind of Bill? 

I don't even want to go into extra judicial killing,  the reckless shooting on unarmed citizens that the police is evidently known for,  this people is still passing bills to make the citizens more numb in the presence of the police.  This is brutal by the government upon its citizens and this is not how a government that have the interest of democracy at heart operates. 

Mark my words,  these so called SARS and other police special or non-special forces will be more brutal than ever now.  The government is indeed the problems of this country.  I am appalled. 

So now I will have to watch a police officer or SARS assault me without so much as putting up a resistance in order not to go to jail for 6months or pay a fine of 100k. You people (govt. And senators)  should be ashamed for yourself.  

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