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New Method Armed Robbers Use To Snatch People's Cars In Wedding Ceremony & Other Public Functions

Having your own car is wonderful and I hate to hear that one's car is snatched from him/her by these stupid and unscrupulous human beings, hence this information. This information was shared on social media to warn people that may fall victim of this new robbery trick. 

Below is the share:

I saw this somewhere and I feel I should share it with my followers, we should all be careful, criminals are getting smarter, we must be very vigilant too. May we not be the victims of armed robbers, one chance people and fraudsters.

In a wedding party or public gathering, robbers now meet the MC to make an announcement of a particular car, with registration number so so and so, blocking them. While you go out to move your car, some guys are waiting outside for you with a gun.

They know you have the keys of your car. You are then ordered to ride the car out of the compound with them inside already with you. 

We can't deny the fact that some of the MC announcement regarding "repacking of cars" is genuine, therefore, do the following when your vehicle registration number is being called out at a social function or public gathering for your own safety:

1) Take your time before going out, don’t let anyone rush you.

2) Don’t go out alone, at least in company of two or more people, call your friends to go with you.

(3) Don’t go directly to where the car is parked, at least to confirm from a distance if you are blocking another car truly. Make sure there is a driver in the blocked car already before you go. Walk around as if you don’t know where your car is, check those around your car.

4) Watch your surroundings carefully before approaching the vehicle. When you’re sure that the environment is okay, remove your car and park properly. May God continue to keep and protect us from these criminals.

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