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Does One Need To Be A Christian Or Have A Religion In Order To Succeed In Life?

It is indeed quiet difficult to differentiate life, religion, and success this days.  This is because an average Christian or even Muslim tend to attribute success to their religion.  Hence the question, does success depend on religion or lack of it? 

First of all,  we would first need to define success as this is different things for different people. If a religious person is successful in his/her quest for seeking and connecting with god(s) then obviously a non religious person isn’t successful at all as they simply don’t have such a goal.

Religion is a personal thing and it should be kept that way. If you are defining money and career and all that stuff then there’s no way to get the right stats. People at some point will point to a higher power and attribute to their success to that and at some point will point out the hard work they have done. When there’s no explanation, a religious person will say god and a person like me would say there’s no explanation.

Again, if success for you is measured by how wealthy you are, then no not every religious man is successful.Success means achieving goals, so the goal of every religious man is why they are religious in the first place, they want to go to heaven. In order to enter the heaven you must obey the owner of the heaven, which happens to be the owner of everything, and this life is just a test on how well you will obey him, and he will tell you the results after your death.

So for religious people their goal is to obey the one who created everything, and the results will be known after death, so after a certain threshold no one really knows if he has succeeded or not, but we pray that we succeed and Allah or Christ is the most generous and the most forgiving.

For me,  I don’t think religion or lack of it makes people successful. Hard work, perseverance and grit surely contribute towards success, whatever the goal may be. It is up to people to decide if it was their god or their choices that led to their success.

What do you think? 

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