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Lady Flogs A Woman Mercilessly For Cheating With Her Husband - Video

Owu otu msi imi diwa ndi na pko awuru. If you be Igbo you will know what I mean. Anyway, Below is a moment a lady caught another woman allegedly cheating with her husband and brought her outside to deal with her in the most loving way.

In a trending video making rounds online, the said lady was mercilessly flogged by the wife for not just cheating with her husband, but for tying her expensive wrapper on her body. The doubtedly furious wife who was heard ranting in her native language (Igbo Language), asked the woman what gave her the guts to tie her wrapper and still cheat with her husband, before she started dealing with her mercilessly despite neighbours intervention.

The said husband was no where to be found around the vicinity, as at the time of making this post, as some claimed he ran away.

Watch the video

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