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INEC Declares PDP Candidate, Emeka Ihedioha Winner Of Imo State Governorship Election

Imo has been liberated, Imo has been liberated, Imo has been liberated, Iberiberism is gone, Iberiberism is gone, these are some of the jingles heard from the mouths of Imolites as election umpire, INEC declared People's Democratic Party, PDP's candidate, Emeka Ihedioha winner of Imo State governorship election.

Needless to say, his election victory was as a result of APC not putting their 'ass' together in Imo State. APC failed to win because they rejected the candidacy of Gov. Okorocha's son in-law Uche Nwosu and this cost them dearly.

For those that have little knowledge of Imo State political configuration, what played out dat consummated in PDP's Ihedioha victory can be explained out in different ways. First, Imo are politically very conscious people that have overtime learned to guard their vote as they did against Ohakim. Then to usher in Rochas who deceived them with APGA party. 

The main point was to ensure that Rochas dynasty was decimated as they all saw the candidate of AA, Uche Nwosu who is Rochas son in law as an extension of Okorocha grip on power. To add salt to injury, Nwosu is from same Orlu zone like his father in law and Orlu zone has had 16yrs at government house (8yrs Achike Udenwa and 8yrs Rochas). 

Rochas greed and pride coupled with his underperformance was there and that the vehicle for his downfall. Both Uzodinma and Ararume are seen in the eyes of the public as people of questionable character and 419ners that are also perceived to belong to the occult world. The APC too taught Okorocha a bigger lesson and with his senatorial seat hanging in the balance, the Iberiberism ambassador will go down very soon just the way Nnamdi Kalu has always warned him that his romance with the Caliphate will be his undoing one day. 

Just remembered the video of the IPOB man humiliating Rochas in London and you will know that the hatred against Rochas was deep rooted. Ihedioha benefited from all these and being from Owerri zone and having garnered experience as former Deputy Speaker it was easy for a consensus to be built around him. MNK ideology has ensured that no more APC in the entire South East.

Hon. Emeka Ihedioha of PDP won with a total vote of 273,404, while Uche Nwosu of AA pulled 190,364. APGA candidate came third and pulled 114,676.

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