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'Go F*ck Yourselves!' - Neymar Blasts Referees, VAR After PSG's UCL Defeat By Man Utd

Paris Saint-German star, Neymar have slammed the referee and UEFA VAR who awarded Manchester United a stoppage time penalty that made it possible for United to proceed to the next round of UEFA Champions League competition and PSG heading the other way (out).

The PSG star took to Instagram to hit back at the decision to award Man United a late penalty following VAR review during their Champions League clash. Neymar has blasted the refereeing decisions following PSG's Champions League round of 16 loss exit to Manchester United.

The officials handed the visitors a penalty in stoppage time after a shot by Diego Dalot hit the arm of Presnel Kimpembe, which prompted a review with VAR.

"That is a disgrace!" Neymar wrote on his Instagram Stories alongside a screenshot of the alleged handball. "And UEFA still pick four guys who know nothing about football to review the VAR decision in slow motion... that handball simply doesn't exist!

"How do you handball behind your back? Ahh.. go f*ck yourselves."

I personally feel the pains of Neymar and I wish he won't be penalized for this outburst. This is getting too much. That penalty was never a penalty. His arm kept moving away from the ball. Man Utd players didn't even protest because they knew it wasn't a penalty.

I really pity PSG because it seems UEFA is out for them. Every season they get robbed by UEFA, some way somehow. First, it was Barca, and now Man Utd. Its a shame.

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