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Futuristic Tech: China Unveils New Generation High-Speed Train - Video

While the rest of the world (Nigeria and other third world countries) are praying to be in heaven someday, some countries are enjoying heaven on earth already. And one of those countries includes CHINA. The Chinese government just unveiled a newly built new generation high-speed train designed to go as fast as 350km/h on top speed.

If this train goes on a top speed of 350km/h, it means it can get to Ibadan from Lagos in less than 20min. Did you just hear me? In less than 20mins. This also means that this high speed train can get to Owerri (Eastern part of Nigeria) from Lagos in just 1hr 40mins. Yes I said it, in less than 2hrs you are in Owerri.

The train is designed by CRRC Tangshan Co. and already, the production has been rolled out. The newly unveiled high speed train features are as follows:

1. Adjustable carriages and more customized models
2. It has both single-deck and double-deck carriages
3. It has multiple speed level - 160km/h, 250km/h and 350km/h
4. Head carriage for 4 to 6 passengers
5. VIP carriage with independent space and sleeper seats
6. Business class/carriage with 40 sleeper seats and more private space
7. Berth carriage to hold 60 passengers

I'm indeed speechless. And my country people are happy to be unveiling 1970 trains in Nigeria. Who did we offend? The day I stepped into Dubai, I was ashamed of my dear country Nigeria. I'm not trying to be unpatriotic, I'm just stating the facts. We are a shadow of what we should become.

China.......rule the world.

See video and more pictures below...

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