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President Buhari Slammed For Saying 'It Is Not Clear What I Have Noted Here' - Video

Without mixing words and without prejudice and also without disrespect to our dear president, I think is high time Buhari steps aside for a more capable hand to rule this country. This national embarrassment is getting too much. It is outrageous.

Mr. Dele Momodu shared a video of President Muhammadu Buhari interacting with Nigerians yesterday. The President was holding a note, while looking at the note, he said: 'It is not clear what I have noted here'. The man claim he wrote the note and how can one's note not be clear to him again? This man is old and he needs to go. Forget partisanship but he needs to go. How can we leave a country of 190m people in Buhari's hand? Jesus.

The video has got Nigerians talking as many Nigerians took to Twitter to slam the President. Veteran actress, Victoria Inyama, who now resides in London reacted to the video and Buhari’s 'blunder' and slammed the President.

In fact, I'm going to borrow one of the statements made by a Twitter user. He said and I quote: "The amount of vote Buhari will receive in this 2019 election will determine the amount of idiots we have in this country". I concur to this submission.

See Nigerians reaction..

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