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Police Intercepts APC Thumb-Printed Voters Register In 17 Sack Bags In Kano State

I told people I'm not going out to vote and the reason is not far fetched. The rigging is going to be massive and my vote is not going to count, so what a hell am I worrying myself to vote? Call me a cynic I wont be offended. Yes they admonished me to give they FG a benefit of doubt, I said not again cuz they have a way of proving me right on my cynical assumptions. 

And they just did that again. The current news now is that police in Kano on Thursday impounded 17 sacks containing thumb-printed ballot papers in Sabon Gari area of Kano State.

According to sources, security sources told DAILY NIGERIAN that the ballots have already been thumb-printed on the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC box. The sacks are being transported to the command headquarters for further investigations.

I have a feeling that calls will be made and this incident will be denied and trivialized. I'm not gonna be surprised cuz this is Nigeria in Bhad Guy's  Voice. 

Details later....

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