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Nigerians Describing Election Results From Kano, Kaduna & Katsina As ‘Kardashians’ - See Tweets

I can't just stop laughing about the way Nigerians take everything as fun. Even something as serious as election..lol. The 'Kardashians’ name has been a trending topic in Nigerian but on Twitter since INEC began announcing results of Saturday’s presidential election.

According to these very hilarious tweets, ‘Kardashians’ simply refer to the ‘s*xiness’ and the ‘star power’ of election results that could come in from Kano, Kaduna and Katsina states and the influence results from these Northern states will have in determining who will become the next president of Nigeria.

Even Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the Big Brother Nigeria host joined in on the hilarious tweets.

PDP haven't seen nothing yet..lol.. See the tweets below… #NigeriaDecides, #NigeriaDecides2019

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