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Lagos-Ibadan Railway Is Finally Alive, Amaechi & Others Takes A Ride To Abeokuta - Photos

Yes this might not be what a country like Nigeria should be doing based on the fact that other countries are now running with bullet trains. Nigeria is still in the past honestly. Did I say based on the facts, 'based on logistics', whatever happened to that Big Brother Guy self, hmmm is he still alive? Lol

Anyway, we can say all that begins well, ends well. We can finally say that work done on the Lagos-Ibadan Railway has reached 70% completion as the minister of transportation alongside some members from the national assembly and some members of the Nigeria Railway Corporation today inspected and test-run the coaches from Lagos to Abeokuta station. 

The issue here is, after completion, will there be a maintenance culture? Frankly I don't understand Nigeria. Don't they know that maintenance is equally as important as delivering a project? I bet this train will not even last 3 years and it will look like others. And knowing is APC regime, I'm indifferent. Knowing that they put something together just for president to come and commission and after that, they dismantled everything again. Is really absurd living in this part of the world.

According to the minister of transportation, the Lagos-Ibadan Railway will start operation soon. These are some of the pictures as they test-run the coaches.....

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