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Is Tinubu (Jagaban) 'Atikulated'? - He Was Seen Posing With PDP Members In Lagos

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu aka Jagaban was recently pictured with members of the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Lagos. 

According to an Eyewitness, Jagaban addressed them as 'Atikulated Nigerians' before he posed with them. What does this mean? Some Nigerian have reacted to this recent development and accused Tinubu of playing smart and looking for a level playground should in case PDP wins the upcoming presidential election.

While some think he is a good statesman, others think he has red the handwriting on the wall and he undoubtedly have doubts if his party, APC will succeed in the upcoming election. To me, lets forget about party affiliations, Atiku Abubakar is Tinubu's friend and business partner. Go down the memory lane and be a good student of history. 

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