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Business 101 - If You Are Not Ready For Heartbreak, Don't Start Up Your Own Business

The truth is, it's good to be optimistic in whatever goal you set to achieve, but whether you are an optimist or a pessimist is immaterial when you talk about business. Whether you like it or not, being your own boss has great disadvantage but if you can move pass it, the sky is just the begining for you.

Here is what a business expert needs to say about this.....

Every single day I visit the business section on nairaland, It's either I find the crew who have money but don't have a business idea or I find those with business idea but lack money. Whatever crew you are, please never start up a business if you're not dogged. That business idea might appear rossy in your brain until you start it up in the real world.

I started up a business barely a month ago and I'm almost loosing my mind. Is it the sleepless nights (sometimes working from 1am-7am)? I'm going to talk about or the failed projects or the rude customers or the unnecessary but compulsory expensis or the pressure to give out the best at all times or the uncertainties.?

Hehehe...Because of business, I am now a professional Liar. Lord have mercy! Now I know why most businesses don't last long. Not everyone is willing to go through the stress.

I now respect Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Jim ovia, Tony Elemelu...they are many.

Your business will break your heart so many times. (I'm heartbroken at the moment). Please if you're not dogged, don't think of starting up a business. If you have started one, never back down. If it gets tough, you too get tough. In the end, you'll succeed.

I have made up my mind to continue to press on. No going back. My respect goes out to all business people.

Editor's Note:

I just remember what my mum use to tell my sister. She said to her, "marrying a salary earner is good and advisable but marrying a businessman is best cuz you have the tendency to become billionaire overnight, but you have to buckle up and learn how to pray and fast, cuz you gonna need it when busines is shaky"...lol

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