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Allow Your Hubby To Cheat, You Can Sleep Outside Too - Lady Advises Women

They say two can play the game, and this young Nigerian lady believes so much in it. She is currently trending online over her marital and sex advice to Nigerian women.

The Twitter lady shared a video advising Nigerian women to allow their husbands have sex outside marriage with concubines, slay mamas and slay queens.

In her words; 

"whether your husband or boyfriend cheats, to be on the safe side, it's better you don't know." "Don't even snoop around because he will cheat when he is ready to cheat. You can't stop him. The best is to share him with the other lady he cheats with."

"It's the lady he cheats with outside that's keeping your home......" "You go fit nack everyday? You go fit do all the sex styles, you go fit do snake in the monkey shadow? You cannot......."

Her advice and assertions have got Nigerians cursing and scolding her on Twitter and to be candid, she is making sense though cynically...lol

Checkout the viral video...

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