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How To "Rape/Seduce" A Man - For Women, They Are Hard But Men, Very Cheap

I know I definitly will get those tickets, but it doesn't matter. Keep it coming guys, I will just use it as fuel to ignite my long for fame...lol. 

Back to business. Do you know is a very bad thing to rape a woman? Well if you try it, you will go to jail for a very long time. But raping a man is different. You will definitely not go to jail (sarcasm). But thats the truth anyway considering it will finally be consensual at the end.

How you ask? Below are the steps. Try not to laugh on how cheap MEN are..lol. 

Step 1: Invite him over

Step 2: Upon arrival, serve him a half glass of water, his favourite drink and meal. - lobaton

Step 3: Hold his shirt with just one finger and pull him up (don't worry he's not heavy).

Step 4: Give him a quick kiss (he'll not reject) and push him to the bed with that same one finger. At this point it will shock you how weak he is.

Step 5: Open his zip and bring out that pisipisi and start sucking.

Step 6: Food is ready, serve yourself.

NB: He will never scream for help...he's very cheap.

Thank me later..lol

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