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Curvy Lady Cries Out - "I’m Bored, I Need A Man In My Life" - Amazing Photos Of Her...

When renowned crime and romance novelist, Robert Greene said and I quote "If all the beautiful and flawless ladies told us the truth, they would say - their beauty is a disadvantage to them and that 80% men can't approach them because they are too beautiful". Some people have argued that this is not the case. Well!!!!!

A curvy and pretty African lady who goes by the name Blac Chyna took to her page to express how bored and tired she feels. She, however used that medium to beg men send her their shirtless photos that she needs a man.

She wrote;

“I’m bored…. 
Dm me some nice 
Shirtless photos….
Need a man”

Rumours have it that men have been thronging her page just as if she is organizing a religious crusade. Trust naija men now, they got no shame. But come to think of it, this girl is da bomb..damn..

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