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Checkout What It Feels To Be Shot With AK-47 While Sitting In An Armored Benz Car - Video

Regardless of what the video portrays, you don't need to sit and watch assailant open all the magazine on your car before you speed off or get out of the situation. The best bet is to keep driving but pleaseeeeee, don't panic-drive. 

The President and CEO of Texas Armouring Corporation (TAC), Trent Kimball, wants you to know what it's really like to be shot by an AK-47 assault rifle while driving an armoured Mercedes-Benz.

The confident CEO had so much faith in his company's armouring products that he volunteered to sit in the driver’s seat while a supposed marksman unleashes an AK-47 assault rifle (12 shots in this case) on its bulletproof windscreen.

What got me at the end of the clip, was when the uninjured and unshaken CEO said:


Remember, It takes attackers an average of 6 seconds to do a job. Armored vehicles give clients additional time to realize they are under attack and get out of the situation.

I know the CEO volunteered for this test just to make people feel comfortable in buying armored Benz rides but then again, that car most have been tested a 100x and perfected before the CEO entered for the final "marketing" test. I could be wrong though. Whats your take?

See video & more photos below...

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