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Be Wiser In 2019, First-Fruit Is A Scam - Their Is No Such Teaching In The Bible.

Happy New Year from the stables of Exlink Lodge Entertainment. Hope everyone has made a wonderful new year resolution that will not only catapult you to financial freedom, but will also stop you from blindly and stuppidly enrighing Nigerians pastors with their false teaching and doctrine. 

Having said that, I want you to add to your new year resolution one more thing. Stop paying "First-Fruit" to any church. If you are one of those that foolishly give/submit your January salary to your pastor, you have been sold a blatant lie.

Babaosisi of Nairaland has this to say bout first-fruit;

Firstfruit is simply the invention of Nigeria commercial pastors about a decade ago. The Bible has no such teachings.

You celebrate the birth of the savior December 25th and yet believe he needs your money to bless you.

That money is to satisfy your greedy pastor and has nothing to do with Christ.

Stop being pawns in the hands of these greedy men of mammon.

I dare anyone to show me where anyone surrendered their first salary to anyone in the Bible? You won't find it because it doesn't exist.

Don't let people twist an old testament practice that has nothing to do with bringing money and make you act foolishly.

If you don't know what to do with your salary,go give it to your mother.

Don't be a mumu

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