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22yrs Old Lady Promises To Buy A Car & House For Any Man Who Marries Her

I can't say this is frustration when you consider her age. That is if she is not lieing about her age. We all know women now, their age is so precious to them. But guys, this is for real ooooo and she made the announcement on a Radio Station.

Zainab Abdulmalik, a 22 years old lady came to Freedom FM Kano as a featured guest and said she will give a car and a house to any man who agrees to marry her.

On hearing this on ‘Inda Ranka’ programme, men trooped to the radio station, saying they wanted to marry her. The men even wrote down their names so she can interview them on first come first serve basis.

The police had to be called in to disperse the men after they refused to leave the radio station at the Sharada industrial layout area of the state. According to Zainab, she decided to offer the items after she was betrayed by her longtime boyfriend.

See what Buhari government is causing..chai

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