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Sholaye Jeremi Dumps Linda Ikeji, Kemi Olunluyo Mocks Linda

Former governor's daughter and controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to the now viral news of Linda Ikeji confirming that Sholaye Jeremi dumped her shortly after she got pregnant for him.

Kemi who disclosed that Linda Ikeji blocked her on Instagram because she supported Mukhtar for filing a DCMA against her in 2014, officially welcome the blogger to single motherhood aka (babymama) and mockingly asked her to contact her for healthy tips..lol

The journalist also revealed that she has raised 3 and also raising one for Davido which i think she is just joking anyway.

Recall that Kemi Olunloyo alleged that Linda Ikeji stole semen to have her baby. Olunloyo had often times insisted that there is more to the baby birthed by Linda Ikeji some months back, considering the fact that no man has come forward to claim the baby boy named Jayce.

Editor's Note:

I know aunty Kemi has a bad or fowl mouth but to be honest, she is totally right on her claims on Linda Ikeji. If anyone even believe that the so called baby daddy touched Linda, let alone to having sex with her, you will be fooling yourself. This is a well rehersed episode that is playing out.

Aunty Kemi claims all this while about having a surroggate baby by Linda is completely true. See her post bellow..

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