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Question - Sport Betting Is A Sin? Or Not?

Nigeria and Nigerians undoubtedly have taken another dimension when it comes to betting on the outcome of sport results. Betting is now the order of the day and with abject poverty and a country were 90% are living below poverty level, any source that can promise a better fortune and a better tomorrow is welcomed regardless of the risk involved.

This poverty issues in Nigeria have seen the rich exploit the poor even more and more. Betting platforms like 'Baba Ijebu' are now like a "most do and a most go to" places to place bets every blessed day for an average Nigerian youth. No wonder President Muhammadu Buhari called Nigerian youths "lazy youths". Though some are still up and hustling. 

Baba Ijebu is just a tip of the ice-berg. We now have more than a hundred bet platforms in Nigeria and many are still coming up. I mean anything to exploit the youths right? Naijabet, 9jabet, Kingsbet, Lionsbet just to name but few are now a sort of work places for Nigerians youths. Be it in the morning, afternoon, evening and even nights, this betting outlets are filled to the brime. It is indeed pathetic.

Brings us to the question, is betting a sin? 

This has been the question in most people's minds and yet it has gone unanswered for a longtime and pastor's can't actually condamn it or give it a go ahead since some of their members do partake in those betting and hence, when they win big money, they always come to church to do thanks giving and pay their tithes. Nigerians pastors don't ever play with their tithes...lol.

To me though, sport betting is a business source but a highly risky one at that and its pure financial wisdom to invest only what you can afford to lose. But this is not the case with Nigerians because everybody wants to win big thereby investing too much on betting and when they lose, you don't want to know what follows.

Sport betting requires strategy that fits each individual pockets. You don't have to play it every weekend or everyday. You can play it when all situation puts a team under pressure to win at all cost. Bot you can't tell this to a Nigerian youth and he or she will listen to you, especially when he or she lost huge amount of money the previous day and needs to recover from it.

To be frank, whether it is a sin or not, Sports betting is killing Nigerians slowly but they are yet to realise it. I know a man who has become a sport betting addict. He is a liability even to himself. Borrows for betting and loses. He has no properties and even though he is paid a comfortable salary, everything still goes to bets and debts! 

On a personal note, I don't see any reason to bet on Sport. Any venture you cannot predict its outcome or atleast be sure that a certain thing must happen, why risk it? Over the years, we have seen that football is a game of luck. Yes preparations plays a part but we have seen the opposite happen several times. I keep wondering how people will make up their mind and bet on a certain sports result knowing fully well that thisguys are playing football.

Look at what happened yesterday against Spurs and Wolves. I can bet you, nobody predicted that kind of outcome, even the sports pundits themselves. Liecester of all people still lost to one rubbish team after beating Chelsea and Mancity. My conclusion is this, its only a fool who waste his or her money on betting. Unless you know for a certainty that that match is fixed.

To me any addiction is a sin and ones you are addicted to sport betting, its a sin unto you. 

Whats your take?

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