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Nigerians Reacts On Twitter As Man Marries A 'Large' Plus-sized Lady

I realize the headline of this story may contain a tautological expression but I had to find a way to add an adjective to qualify the verb 'plus-sized' cus the lady in question is not just plus-sized but she is an extra large big beautiful woman (SSBBW). Much people don't really know the meaning of SSBBW hence the headline "Large Plus-sized".

By the way, what is it with Nigerian men that whenever they see a man getting married to a big lady, they automatically assume the marriage is born of "buy one get one free", like "marry her and I will make you rich" kind of thing? You guys don't know its a norm in Igbo land to marry woman of "substance" if you know what I mean..lol. Though the couple are not Igbo.

This man and his beautiful plus-sized wife are currently trending on Social Media on their wedding day. Apparently, the couple tied the knot just recently in a beautiful ceremony that had their friends and families present.

But Nigerians wont let them be. Naija Twitter community have responsded to the couple’s pictures online. While some criticized the man and stated that he must be after something, others simply wished them a happy married life. See reactions of some Nigerians below:

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