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Couple Ignore Their Maid At A Resturant As They Enjoyed Themselves On Boxing Day - Video

Sometime I wonder why we call ourselves Christians. We are nothing like Christ so we can't call ourselves Christ-like and that is exactly what a Christian should look like. The video secretly recoreded by a social media user shows a family who took their teen maid to the restaurant and left her sitting alone without eating anything while her WICKED BOSS were seen eating ice cream with their children.

What does it take to get this little child an icecream of even N500 rice biko nu? The child look so unhappy, looking at his wicked boss eating without buying her anything. If they can do this to her in public, what she would be facing at home will be more than Boko Haram war.

The Twitter user who shared the video wrote:

Some Nigerians are just so cruel �, the Government is not only the problem of the country, the people also are. Why do this to a child on boxing day?

See video and Nigerians reaction below..

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