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Celebrate Christmas If You Want But Keep Christ Out Of It - Its Pagan God's Birthday Not Christ - Daddy Freeze

Have you ever wondered if you are indeed doing the right thing when it concerns Christmas celebration? 

Have you ever taken your time to research about what you have been celebrating right from the day you were born? Have you questioned if Jesus Christ was even born on 25th of December or are you just going with what the world has been led to believe? 

To be honest, I used to be that way until I came of age. Have you? When I was a kid I believed in Santa Clus and Father Christmas but obvious you know now that those are simply myths. Well, so as many things you believe and practice blindly today. I used to even believe their were three wise men who came to great Merry when Jesus was born. Research guys, it is a lie. 

Well, leader of Free the Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze has asked those celebrating Christmas to stop fooling the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday when it’s actually a pagan god, Nimrod’s birthday.

The Controversial On Air Personality was reacting to a video where an American pastor, Brother Benx disagreed with Christmas and Ester celebration stating that there was no biblical documentation to back up such dates.

Daddy Freeze added that birthdays are pagan rituals under pagan gods and not of Christian origin. He went further to add that Christ never celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all.

His Instagram post reads:

You can’t just conjure up a date and fool the world into believing it’s Christ’s birthday when it’s actually Nimrod’s birthday that coincides with the winter solstice of the druids and pagans.
Christ NEVER celebrated his birthday or any birthday at all, so why bring him into your pagan rituals and under your pagan gods?
At the request of pagan ruler Herod Antipas step daughter Salome, at his birthday party, John the Baptist was beheaded.
Birthdays are of pagan, NOT Christian origin! Celebrate your birthdays all you want, JUST KEEP CHRIST OUT OF IT! ~FRZ

Meet the pagan god - Nimrod born on the 25th of December, which most Christians celebrate on Christmas day without knowing it. 

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