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'They Caught Me Because I Didn't Pray Before Stealing' - Says Arrested Armed Robber

The things of God has always been hard to explain and the Bible itself didn't make it easier am afraid. I am a Christian in case you are wondering and most of the things I believe has always been implied. Many thing are not necessarily and out-rightly written in the Bible.

But am a believer. Praying before you embark on an evil journey is absurd to say the least and some people claim God answers those prayers. 

Dreaded armed robbers who snatch vehicles in Nigeria and drove them to the neighboring Benin Republic for sell have been arrested by the Lagos state Police command. One of the suspects John Godwin while confessing said the only reason why he was caught was because he forgot to read the bible, that if he had done so, he wouldn’t have been caught. 

He said: 

“I was once sent to Ibara Prison in Abeokuta for stealing something at a market in Abeokuta. It was in the prison that I came across Tosin. It was also Alhaji who sent my phone number to Solomon. “My plan was not to go back to crime when I came back from prison.

I did not have money to take care of myself that was why I went back. But later I told myself robbery is not best option for me because my parents told me when I was born a pastor prophesied that I would become a pastor. 

Fortunately, when I was in the prison I used to preach and pray with my colleagues. It is the devil that drove me to crime. . 

“Whenever we are going on operation, I usually read Psalms 121. 

I believe reading the Psalms would give me protection throughout the operation period.  On the fateful day I was arrested I forgot to read the Psalms before leaving home. I believe God wanted the police to arrest me so as to quit robbery. 

The Zonal Police Public Relations Officer (ZPPRO), CSP Dolapo Badmos while confirming the news gave the suspects names as: 

Solomon Adeniji (27), Tosin Adeoye (25) and two nationals of Republic of Benin, Adewale Adebolaji (45) and Moyori Sule (42).

She added that they will charged to court, on completion on investigation.

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