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Frustrated Bride Pushes Groom Away At The Alter When Trying To Kiss Her - Video

What is really wrong with women? I get it that they are emotional beings but so is the male counterpart. Must "you" women express every least of emotions regardless of the place you are? Can't you just suck somethings up and express it later? That is why a woman can not rule this country, in fact they are not fit to rule any country. Their emotions can cause mayhem.

What a disgrace to thise groom and his family at his own wedding. A certain bride was seriously pissed off and didn't hide her emotions when her partner wanted to seal their wedding union with a kiss at the altar. She couldn't just control her emotions, she just have to disgrace the husband at the alter....womennnnnn ah.

In a trending video posted online, the groom can be seen removing his bride's veil for the special kiss after being given the go ahead by the pastor. The bride who looked visibly angry - removed her mouth moments after the groom tried to kiss her in front of the wedding guests.

This made the pastor to call for a "rematch" as he urged the couple to try the kiss one more time, to the shock of the displeased bride. The groom who was smiling throughout the public drama, went for the kiss the second time before his bride literally pushed him away and even warned him.
Internet users have reacted to the unusual wedding incident with many wondering what might have gotten the bride unhappy on her special day.

I know some people will be supporting the lady and wondering what the groom did that warrant that kind of treatment. But for me, I don't give a rat ass cuz nothing should have made her do this at the alter. If her husband cheated, let her quite the union so that we will know.

Abeg watch the video below.

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