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#FreeNation Convener, Daddy Freeze Reacts To Woman Paying N300k Seed To A Pastor Without Hubby's Conscent

This issue of religion and pastors dupping the congregation in the guise of paying your tithe and sowing a seed is tiresome and have gone rampant when it comes to Nigeria pastors. This days, one can go to a church and the pastors will psychologically withdraw all the money in his or her account. 

Is this what God preached? It this what God really want from people? I thought the Bible said when you cloth someone without cloths, you have clothed him (God) and when you provide a shelter to someone that have no shelter, you have sheltered him (God). What is all these seeds and tithe and first fruit all about?

The controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze reacts to a twitter user’s post on how his friend’s wife sowed a seed of N300,000 to a pastor as tithe. I can't try to imaging or comprehend the kind of brainwash the woman must have gone through that made her to withdraw N300k and pay to a pastor without even seeking for her husband's conscent.

The post reads;

“My friend is offshore… His wife made a pledge of 300k to church as seed…. Man was having lunch when he saw the debit alert”

“He can’t go back to the plant now as he is begging that they book him out and fly him back to Lagos…”

Reacting to this tweet, The Free the sheeple convener, wrote:

That’s why I love @tastebudzng she even stopped paying tithes looong before me, let alone sowing seeds to pastors.

Charity to the poor is the only language she understands and she is teaching me that.

Once upon a time @tastebudzng used to give to pastors and churches, in fact she was a sheeple, today she knows better, when she was in trouble NO CHURCH OR PASTOR helped her with a single kobo, despite her sacrificial giving to the church and their causes.

In the #FreeNation in Christ we pledge to the poor to make life more comfortable for the representatives of Yeshua.

Yesterday night, a lovely lady hit my DM to discuss her predicament and as we were speaking, I asked her why she sent contacted me, she replied: “I was told to talk to Daddy Freeze about it”. That certainly made my day.

Although we can’t help everyone, because we are a small online Nation of believers in Yeshua, our creed and religion; oh yes, we have a religion, can be found in:

◄ James 1:27 ►

New International Version

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

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